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Table 5 Binary logistic regression analysis—forward step wise [LR] methoda

From: Prevalence and factors associated with effective helmet use among motorcyclists in Mysuru City of Southern India

  Unadjusted OR [95% CI] Adjusted OR [95%CI] p value
Purpose of the trip
 Travel to/from
4.9 [1.6 to 14.9] 8.3 [2.3 to 30.5] 0.001
 Travel to/from leisure
Reference Reference  
In the past 3 months, have you ever been stopped by police to check helmet use?
 Yes 1.9 [0.8 to 4.9] 4.4 [1.4 to 14.1] 0.013
 No Reference Reference  
  1. aAge and education status were the other variables included in the regression analysis