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Table 3 Factors influencing HSMR in pneumonia patients (9-year model, 2010–2018, n = 33)

From: Capturing the trends in hospital standardized mortality ratios for pneumonia: a retrospective observational study in Japan (2010 to 2018)

Contributing factorsHSMRs (HSMR > 100)*
Odds ratio95% CIP value
% of hospital with patient safety manager0.970.95–1.000.03
% of academic hospital††0.980.96–1.000.10
% of weekend admission1.140.91–1.420.27
% of patients referred1.040.97–1.110.28
Negelkerke R2 0.36 
  1. Percentage of patients admitted into a hospital with patient safety manager
  2. ††Percentage of patients admitted into a hospital with academic status
  3. Percentage of patients who had a referral letter on admission
  4. *HSMRs were classified into one of two groups, HSMR ≤ 100 and HSMR > 100
  5. CI Confidence interval