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Table 2 Relationship between the HSMRs of each consecutive year (single-year model)

From: Capturing the trends in hospital standardized mortality ratios for pneumonia: a retrospective observational study in Japan (2010 to 2018)

Month and yearNRP
Jan. 2010–Dec. 2011930.720< 0.001
Jan. 2011–Dec. 2012950.616< 0.001
Jan. 2012–Dec. 2013850.687< 0.001
Jan. 2013–Dec. 2014730.761< 0.001
Jan. 2014–Dec. 2015700.760< 0.001
Jan. 2015–Dec. 2016630.768< 0.001
Jan. 2016–Dec. 2017620.762< 0.001
Jan. 2017–Dec. 2018500.649< 0.001
  1. N number of hospitals, R correlation coefficient (Spearman’s non-parametric correlation), P two-tailed significance
  2. Positive correlation coefficient means that hospitals with lower/higher HSMRs are likely to get same results in the following year