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Table 3 Hepatitis B virus surface (HBs) antibody positive rate according to the time between vaccination and the HBs antibody test

From: Comparison of hepatitis B vaccine efficacy in Japanese students: a retrospective study

Vaccine administration routeHBs antibody 2 or 5 months after vaccination
2 months5 months
Bimmugen® subcutaneous2662717519918207148219912
 Positive rate90.8%90.2%91.9%*93.7%80.0%94.3%*
Heptavax-II® subcutaneous161100997662248725328423
 Positive rate61.7%56.6%72.1%77.0%60.0%78.5%
Heptavax-II® intramuscular1041976172821168311137
 Positive rate84.6%81.7%93.3% 93.5%75.0%94.2%
  1. *,†,‡There were no significant differences between 2 and 5 months after vaccination in all the groups (p > 0.05)