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Table 1 Participants’ characteristics

From: Prevalence and risk factors of pre-sick building syndrome: characteristics of indoor environmental and individual factors

  Number%  Number%
Sex  Having a child  
 Male75050.0 Yes87658.4
 Female75050.0Family medical history  
Age (years)   SBS30.2
 20–29684.5 MCS10.1
 30–3926617.7 Asthma957.7
 40–4953335.5 Atopic dermatitis1229.8
 50–5949633.1 Rash211.7
 60–691379.1 Hay fever33527.0
Education   Allergic rhinitis18615.0
 < 6 years60.4 Allergic conjunctivitis342.7
 6–9 years694.6 Food allergy403.2
 10–12 years45430.3 Urticaria746.0
 ≥ 13 years96664.4 Mental illnesses342.7
 Other50.3Sensitivity of family to air quality and odor  
Family income (yen)   Yes37324.9
 < 3 million32921.9Family smoking  
 3–< 6 million53435.6 Yes65443.6
 6–< 9 million34623.1Duration of residence  
 9–< 15 million23115.4 < 5 years26817.9
 ≥ 15 million604.0 5–< 10 years28318.9
Medical history   10–< 20 years46130.7
 SBS10.1 ≥ 20 years48832.5
 MCS60.4Age of house building  
 Asthma1348.9 <5 years1036.9
 Atopic dermatitis1308.7 5–< 10 years15810.5
 Rash563.7 10–< 20 years42328.2
 Hay fever38625.7 ≥ 20 years81654.4
 Allergic rhinitis24416.3House construction  
 Allergic conjunctivitis654.3 Wooden72948.6
 Food allergy473.1Material window flame (bedroom)  
 Urticaria15410.3 Old wooden sash281.9
 Mental illnesses765.1 Aluminum sash85356.9
Smoking   Double aluminum sash26017.3
 Never79452.9 Insulation sash1449.6
 Quit34022.7 Others21514.3
 Current36624.4Insulating glass pane type (bedroom)  
Exposure to tobacco   Single88458.9
 Never15010.0 Double42728.5
 Rare23615.7 Triple110.7
 Sometimes56737.8 Others17811.9
 Often54736.5Presence of condensation  
Living experience in a renovated house/new house   Yes102068.0
 Yes100466.9Moisture and musty odor  
Headache, heaviness in head, tinnitus  Yes78652.4
 Never118579.0Using deodorant and fragrance  
 Rare19312.9 No39226.1
 Sometimes785.2 Rare34422.9
 Often241.6 Sometimes43929.3
 Always201.3 Often19613.1
Itching, burning, irritation, drying of the eyes   Every day1298.6
 Rare20113.4 Yes42928.6
 Often130.9 Less than once/day39126.1
 Always151.0 More than once/day110973.9
Irritated, stuffy, or runny nose and irritated or dry throat Frequency of cleaning  
 Never102368.2 Less than once/week33722.5
 Rare27918.6 More than once/week116377.5
 Sometimes1459.7Residential area  
 Often382.5 Hokkaido593.9
 Always151.0 Tohoku744.9
Cough and sneezes   Kanto59539.7
 Never99466.3 Chubu23615.7
 Rare31120.7 Kansai32921.9
 Sometimes15210.1 Chugoku805.3
 Often302.0 Shikoku422.8
 Always130.9 Kyushu, Okinawa855.7
Number of family members  Interest in air quality and odor  
 126117.4 Yes95863.9
 242228.1Knowledge regarding SBS  
 338825.9 No1288.5
 430220.1 Have heard77851.9
 ≥ 51278.5 Aware46430.9
     Deep knowledge1308.7