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Table 1 Characteristics and immunoglobulin profiles of the two subjects suspected of developing OA

From: Evaluation of chemical-specific IgG antibodies in male workers from a urethane foam factory

  Worker A Worker B
Age (year) 43 52
Employment period (year) 3 27
Smoking habits No No
Habitual alcohol drinking No No
Allergic history Allergic rhinitis Allergic rhinitis
Immunoglobin profile
 TDI-specific IgG (μg/mL) 15.62 9.51
 TMA-specific IgG (μg/mL) 4.56 14.39
 TDI-specific IgE (UA/mL) ≤ 0.34 ≤ 0.34
 Total IgG (mg/dL) 1597 1180
 Total IgE (IU/mL) 29.4 106