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Table 7 Books on EM

From: Expert clinician’s perspectives on environmental medicine and toxicant assessment in clinical practice

Title Author Year Number of mentions
Healthy Home Healthy Family Nicole Bijlsma 2018 × 3 (IPs)
Chemical sensitivity. Volume 4. William Rea 1998 × 2 (IPs)
Surviving mold Ritchie Shoemaker 2010 × 2 (IPs)
Environmental disasters. A chronicle of individual, industrial and governmental carelessness. Lee Davis 1998 × 1 (OEP)
Occupational medicine Carl Zenz 1994 × 1 (OEP)
Four volume encyclopedia of occupational health and safety. International Labor Organisation (ILO)   × 1 (OEP)
Hunter’s diseases of occupations (10th ed) Peter Baxter and Tar-Ching Aw 2010 × 1 (OEP
Toxic metals and antidotes. The chelation therapy handbook. (2nd ed) E. Blaurock Busch.
MTM Publishing.
2012 × 1 (IP)
Clinical metal toxicology (12th ed) Prof Peter van der Schaar 2015 × 1 (IP)
Casarett and Doull’s Toxicology. The basic science of poisons. (8th ed). Curtis Klaassen   × 1 (IP)
Textbook of functional medicine The Institute for Functional Medicine 2010 × 1 (IP)
Textbook of natural medicine (4th ed) Joseph Pizzorno and Michael Murray 2012 × 1 (IP)
Detox or die Sherry Roger 2002 × 1 (IP)