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Table 3 Items selected to form DREEM-12 and the applicable scoring system

From: Development and psychometric testing of an abridged version of Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure (DREEM)

Domain (Maximum score) Item No. Item Scoring
Student’s Perception of Learning (8) 22
The teaching helps to develop my confidence
The teaching encourages me to be an active learner
0–2 Very Poor
3–4 Teaching is viewed negatively
5–6 A more positive perception
7–8 Teaching highly thought of
Student’s Perception of Teachers (12) 2
The course organizers are knowledgeable
The course organizers have good communication skills with student
The course organizers give clear examples
0–2 Abysmal
4–6 In need of some retraining
7–9 Moving in the right direction
10–12 Model course organizers
Students’ Academic Self-Perception (12) 21
I feel I am being well prepared for my profession
My problem solving skills are being well developed here
Much of what I have to learn seems relevant to a career in healthcare
0–3 Feelings of total failure
4–6 Many negative aspects
7–9 Feeling more on the positive side
10–12 Confident
Students’ Perceptions of Atmosphere (8) 36
I am able to concentrate well
The atmosphere motivates me as a learner
0–2 A terrible environment
3–4 There are many issues which need changing
5–6 A more positive attitude
7–8 A good feeling overall
Students’ Social Self Perceptions (8) 3
There is a good support system for students who get stressed My social life is good 0–2 Miserable
3–4 Not a nice place
5–6 Not too bad
7–8 Very good socially
Overall scoring for interpretation of educational environment:
 0–12 Very Poor
 13–24 Plenty of Problems
 25–36 More Positive than Negative
 37–48 Excellent