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Table 2 Domain-wise list of items in DREEM-50 that had the highest item-total and domain-total correlations

From: Development and psychometric testing of an abridged version of Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure (DREEM)

Domain Item no Item Item-total correlation Domain-total correlation
Students’ perception of learning 44 The teaching encourages me to be an active learner 0.646 0.711
22 The teaching helps to develop my confidence 0.556
Students’ perception of teachers 2 The course organisers are knowledgeable 0.510 0.611
37 The course organisers give clear examples 0.450
18 The course organisers have good communication skills with student 0.450
Students’ academic self-perception 21 I feel I am being well prepared for my profession 0.435 0.599
41 My problem solving skills are being well developed here 0.430
45 Much of what I have to learn seems relevant to a career in healthcare 0.430
Students’ perception of atmosphere 36 I am able to concentrate well 0.500 0.633
43 The atmosphere motivates me as a learner 0.487
Students’ social self-perception 3 There is a good support system for students who get stressed 0.419 0.556
19 My social life is good 0.416