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Table 2 Laws and regulations related to the Direction of Healthcare Activities (DOHA)

From: A review of Vietnam’s healthcare reform through the Direction of Healthcare Activities (DOHA)

Government documents Year Reference Title Related documents
MOH Decision 1997 1895/QD-BYT Hospital Regulation  
MOH Instruction 2004 09/CT-BYT Instructions for strengthening DOHA activities in medical services  
Law 2009 2009/QH12 Law on medical examination and treatment  
MOH Decision 2010 4026/QD-BYT Assignment of DOHA Activities in medical services 9/QD-BYT, 2004
MOH Decision 2012 5068/QD-BYT Implementation procedures on training and technical transfer for health service packages under the 1816 project 1816/QD-BYT, 2008
(called 1816 project)
Prime Ministerial Decision 2013 92/QD-TTg Approval of the scheme on hospital overload reduction (2013–2020)  
MOH Decision 2013 774/QD-BYT Satellite hospital project (2013–2020)  
MOH Circular 2013 43/TT-BYT Professional technical lists for each level of health facilities  
Prime Minister Decision 2013 14/QD-TTg Implementation plan of term-limited rotation for medical practitioners in medical facilities  
MOH Circular 2014 14/TT-BYT Regulation on referral among health facilities  
  1. MOH Ministry of Health