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Table 1 Overview of the difference in function between progressive lenses and office lenses

From: The impact of different lenses on visual and musculoskeletal complaints in VDU workers with work-related neck complaints: a randomized controlled trial

  Progressive lens ZEISS Officelens
Depth of field Unlimited depth of field, clear vision at every viewing distance Clear vision at near and intermediate viewing distance
Intermediate and near zone Small intermediate and near zone to offer large distance zone for uninterrupted far vision and dynamic vision Large near and intermediate zones
Gaze stabilisation Gaze stabilization may take longer due to difficulties finding the areas of optimal focus Superior balance of optics because lens design has a larger available lens area - no distance zone necessary
Viewing distance Unlimited maximum viewing distance > 6 m Limited viewing distance to 1 m, 2 m or 4 m
Addition power Full change in addition power needed No full change in addition power needed