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Table 1 Medical revenue and medical cost for each sector of the I–O table

From: Input–output analysis on the economic impact of medical care in Japan

Expense items Sectors of the I–O table Value in billions
Medical revenue   ¥25,948.4
 Inpatient revenue, outpatient revenue, other revenue Medical service, health and social security and nursing care ¥25,948.4
Medical cost   ¥24,825.6
 Personal expenses Compensation of employees ¥12,218.4
 Material costs
  Medicine Chemical products ¥4,387.2
  Food material Foods ¥196.4
  Medical materials and medical consumables, dental materials, others Miscellaneous manufacturing products ¥2,025.9
  Utility costs Electricity, gas and heat supply ¥353.4
  Land rents, building rents Real estate ¥467.6
  Equipment rentals (medical equipment, other equipment), other utility costs Business services ¥2,156.5
 Consignment costs
  Laboratory tests, dental technologies, medical clerks, others Business services ¥1,063.2
  Meal service for patients Foods ¥210.3
  Linen cleanings/rentals, patient gown cleanings/rentals Personal services ¥70.0
  Medical waste disposals Water supply and waste management services ¥48.7
  Buildings, medical equipments, others Depreciation of fixed capital ¥1,495.9
 Others Business services ¥132.0